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This category contains products we are looking to move! These may be items we don't always particularly stock, used/refurbished items, or just simply stuff that we've got too much of! See each item description for more details. Prices and availability while supplies last.

We'll also use this area to highlight brand new items that we've obtained a really good deal on and are passing the savings on to you. If this description doesn't say anything about being used you can be certain items listed here are brand new.
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Grotek Pro-Silicate 10L
Grotek Pro-Silicate 10L
List Price: $92.90
Our Price: $62.00
Savings: $30.90

Silicon is the major building block for plant cells, and Pro-Silicate (0-0-3) is a superior silicon source. It strengthens plant cell walls to form a physical barrier against insects, mildews and fungus. Pro-Silicate is especially useful when growing indoors under HID lights because it protects plants from wilting and drought by preventing water loss through transpiration.

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600w MH EYE Hortilux BLUE
600w MH EYE Hortilux BLUE
List Price: $149.95
Our Price: $90.00
Savings: $59.95

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Limited Time PROMO Price!
Hortilux has given us a special deal on some 600w BLUE MH lamps and we are passing the savings on to you. For a limited time only while supplies last.

HORTILUX BLUE Metal Halide grow lamps provide world class spectrum that is unmatched in the lighting industry. HORTILUX BLUE is the closest match to natural sunlight of any light source available today. This lamp is for experienced growers who demand the highest quality plant production. The exclusive EYE HORTILUX BLUE spectrum provides high quality, natural-looking plants during ALL phases of plant growth.

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Botanciare Sweet Citrus - 5 Gal
Botanciare Sweet Citrus - 5 Gal
List Price: $282.95
Our Price: $165.00
Savings: $117.95

Sweet Citrus meets the metabolic demands of plants throughout their life cycle by providing vital compounds when the plants need them most. All Sweet flavors are scientifically formulated with carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamins, and amino acids to ensure healthy leaf growth in the vegetative stage and a stress-free transition in the fruiting/flowering stage.

Sweet Citrus also provides aroma and flavor amending bioactive esters that enhance flowers fragrance and produces taste.

• Sturdy stems and thick, healthy leaves
• Seamless transitions between plant growth phases
• Maintains balanced metabolism for plants grown with C02 and HID lighting
• Improves balance between respiration and photosynthesis
• Enhanced flavors and aromas
• Develops hardy plants with compact internodes
• Will not clog systems

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