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STARTR1   Mills Start-R - 1L
STARTR5   Mills Start-R - 5L
MILLSPK1   Mills Ulimate PK - 1L
MILLSPK5   Mills Ulimate PK - 5L
PST500   Milwaukee pH600 Tester
MGIC716   Monterey Garden Insect Spray Concentrate - 16 oz
MYKOS22   Mykos - 2.2lb
NANOLUXDE   Nanolux 1000w DE Complete
NANO315CMH   Nanolux 315w CMH Fixture
NANOLUX600DE   Nanolux 600w DE Complete
OG1000   Nanolux OG Ballast - 1000w
OG400   Nanolux OG Ballast - 400w
OG600   Nanolux OG Ballast - 600w
NGPZ432   Necar for the Gods Poseidonzyme - Qt
NGAE450   Nectar for the Gods Aphrodites Extraction - Gal
APHRODITESQT   Nectar for the Gods Aphrodites Extraction - Qt
ATHENASAMINAS   Nectar for the Gods Athenas Aminas - Qt
NGBK450   Nectar for the Gods Bloom Khaos - Gal
BLMKHAOSQT   Nectar for the Gods Bloom Khaos - Qt
NGDD450   Nectar for the Gods Demeters Destiny - Gal
DEMETERSDESTINYQT   Nectar for the Gods Demeters Destiny - Qt
NGGM450   Nectar for the Gods Gaia Mania - Gal
GAIAMANIAQT   Nectar for the Gods Gaia Mania - Qt
NGHH450   Nectar for the Gods Herculean Harvest - Gal
NGHY450   Nectar for the Gods Hygeia Hydration - Gal
NEC076   Nectar for the Gods Hygeia Hydration - Qt
NGMA450   Nectar for the Gods Medusa's Magic - Gal
NGMA432   Nectar for the Gods Medusa's Magic - Qt
NGMO450   Nectar for the Gods Mega Morpheus - Gal
MEGAMORPHEUSQT   Nectar for the Gods Mega Morpheus - Qt
OLYMPUSUPQT   Nectar for the Gods Olympus UP - Qt
NGOS408   Nectar for the Gods ONE SHOT, 4lb
NECTARSIMPLE   Nectar For The Gods Simple Program 1L
NGZJ450   Nectar for the Gods Zeus Juice - Gal
NGZJ432   Nectar for the Gods Zeus Juice - Qt
NI303   Neoprene Insert 3"
NEOPRENE375   Neoprene Insert 3.75in
NITROZIME8   Nitrozime - 8oz
NOHOLEPLUGS55   No Hole Rooter Cubes - 55pk
NOHOLETRAY   No Hole Rooter Tray - 50pk
NUKEEM8   Nuke Em 8oz Concentrate
NUTRADIPPPM   Nutradip Tri Meter (pH, PPM, & Temp)
HDNUTPRCLC   Nutrient Probe Cleaning Kit
HGNP   Nutrient Pump - 30mL
SYRINGE   Nutrient Syringe 60cc / 2oz
OCEAN12QT   Ocean Forest Potting Soil - 12 Qt Bag
OCEANFOREST   Ocean Forest Potting Soil 1.5 Cu Ft
OCG304   Olivia's Cloning Gel - 4oz
OLIVIASOL   Olivia's Cloning Solution - Qt
ONABLOCK6   Ona Block - 6oz (Fresh Linen, Apple Crumple, or Pro)
ON10050   Ona Gel Gallon Jar (Fresh Linen or Apple Crumble)
OLF651   Ona LIQUID Fresh Linen - Gal
ONAMIST6   Ona Mist - 6oz (Fresh Linen or Apple Crumble)
OMD600   Ona Mist Dispenser
SOHP199   Optilume 1000w HPS Lamp
SOMH199   Optilume 1000w MH Lamp
SOHP140   Optilume 400w HPS Lamp
SOMH140   Optilume 400w MH Lamp
SOHP160   Optilume 600w HPS Lamp
ORC416   Orca - 16oz
BM407   Organic Blood Meal - 3.5lb
BOM408   Organic Bone Meal - 4.5lb
OX20SYS   oxyCLONE 20 Site Cloning System
ox40sys   oxyCLONE 40 Site Cloning System
LUGP   Parsource Growroom Glasses
PER427   Perlite - 8 Quarts
HDPHCLCCAL   pH Probe Cleaning & Calibration Kit
DROPS   pH Test Drop Kit
TESTINDICATE8   pH Test Indicator Solution - 8oz
PHANTOM600   Phantom 600w Digital Ballast
PHDEKT1   Phantom DE Kit Complete
PHANTOM1K   Phantom II 1000w Digital Ballast
PHYSAN20   Physan 20 - 16oz
MARKER50PK   Plant Marker 50pk
GW404   Plant Success Great White Mycorrhizae - 4oz
PSGR403   Plant Success Mycorrhiza Fungi - 1lb Granular
PSGR401   Plant Success Mycorrhiza Fungi - 4oz Granular
PSS401   Plant Success Soluble Mycorrhiza - 4oz.
PYY200   Plant Support Yo-Yo
FOXPLANTING   Planting Mix Potting Soil 1 Cu Ft
PM1000DA   Plantmax 1000w Dual Arc Lamp
PM1000S   Plantmax 1000w HPS Lamp
PM600S   Plantmax 600w HPS Lamp
1GPOT   Plastic Nursery Pot - 1 Gallon
2GPOT   Plastic Nursery Pot - 2 Gallon
3GPOT   Plastic Nursery Pot - 3 Gallon
5GPOT   Plastic Nursery Pot - 5 Gallon
PCLONE16   Power Clone Liquid Concentrate - 16oz
PGROWERECO   Power Grower Eco Complete
PKCS190   Predator King Cobra 6
PKCE190   Predator King Cobra 8
340710   Pro-Series Max Fan - 6" 420CFM
PROSERIES8   Pro-Series Max Fan - 8" 863CFM
PC700   ProControl TR Fogger - 6oz
HGSPRAY32   Pulmic Raptor Plastic Spray Bottle 1L
VIDABLOOM1L   Pure Vida Organics Bloom - 1L
VIDAGROW1L   Pure Vida Organics Grow - 1L
BARBVALVE   Purple Black Barb Valve - 1/2" or 3/4"
PURPLEMAXX8   Purple Maxx - 8oz
PURPLEMAXXQT   Purple Maxx - Qt
RD8AC   Radiant 8 AC Reflector
RAPIDPLUGS   Rapid Rooter Plugs - 50pk
RAPIDTRAY   Rapid Rooter Starter Tray
RS304   Rapid Start Root Enhancer 125ml
RS309   Rapid Start Root Enhancer 275mL
RV80060   Revelry Supply Stowaway Toiletry Kit, Navajo Maroon
RV30000   Revelry Supply The Escort Backpack
ROBO   Robo Stabilizer Stick
GGFBN1L   Rock Fusion Bloom - Qt
GGFGN1L   Rock Fusion Grow - Qt
GGRR1L   Rock Resinator - 1L
GGRS1L   Rock SuperCharge Root Tonic 1L
RIOT100PK   Root Riot Bags - 100pk
RIOTTRAY   Root Riot Tray with Clonex
RR310   Root Routing Pot - 1 Gallon
RR315   Root Routing Pot - 2 Gallon
RR325   Root Routing Pot - 5 Gallon
ROO402   Rootamentary - 2oz
ROOTECH2   Rootech Cloning Gel - 2oz
ROOTECH4   Rootech Cloning Gel - 4oz
ROPERATCHET   Rope Ratchet 1/8 - 2pk
SAFERSSPRAY   Safer Insect Killing Soap Spray RTU
SG416   Sea Green - 16oz
SG2   Sea Green - 2oz
HEATMAT2   Seedling Heat Mat 20" x 20"
HEATMAT4   Seedling Heat Mat 48" x 20"
FLATBLK   Seedling Propagation Tray
SGDC732   Serenade Garden Disease Control Concentrate - Qt
SGD732   Serenade RTU Spray 32oz
SM90L   SM-90 Anti Fungal Treatment - 1L
SMC451   SM-90 Anti Fungal Treatment - 4L
RC2   Smart Pot - 2 Gallon
RC3   Smart Pot - 3 Gallon
RC5   Smart Pot - 5 Gallon
SSPTT800   Smart Support Plant Twist Tie with Cutter, 164'
SST800   Smart Support Soft Tie, 3.5mm x 8m
SSSCL812   Smart Support Spring Clip - Large 12pk
SSSCS812   Smart Support Spring Clip - Small 12pk
SSULTRA32   Snow Storm Ultra - 32oz
SNOP56   Snow Storm Ultra - 8oz
SN21714OZ   SNS 217 Mite Control RTU - 14.5oz
SNSMR732   SNS 217 Mite Control RTU - Qt
SMAX1KHPS   SolarMax 1000w Super HPS Lamp
SPB312   Square Black Pot - 12x12 inch
SPB307   Square Black Pot - 7x7 inch
SPB308   Square Black Pot - 8x8 inch
SPB309   Square Black Pot - 9x9 inch
6x6   Square White Pot 6x6
7X7   Square White Pot 7x7
9X9   Square White Pot 9x9
SUNCOMMONCORDSET   Standard Cordset, 15'
SR208   Stealth RO Machine Membrane
STEALTHCARBON   Stealth RO150/300 Replacement Carbon Filter
STEALTHSEDIMENT   Stealth RO150/300 Replacement Sediment Filter
HLRO100   Stealth-RO150 Reverse Osmosis System
STICKYBYEBYE8   Sticky Bye-Bye 10oz
SUGARD1L   SugarDaddy 1L
SUGARD4L   SugarDaddy 4L
AIRTUBE10   Sunleaves Air Tubing - 10ft roll
BLKTUBE12100   Sunleaves Black Tubing 1/2" - 100 Ft
BLKTUBING10   Sunleaves Black Tubing 1/2" - 10Ft
BLKTUBING25   Sunleaves Black Tubing 1/2" - 25Ft
SEC125   Sunleaves Extension Cord - 25' 120v
FITTINGS12   Sunleaves Fill & Drain Kit 1/2"
FITTINGS34   Sunleaves Fill & Drain Kit 3/4"
GBAG110   Sunleaves Grow Bag - 1 Gallon 10pk
GBAG210   Sunleaves Grow Bag - 2 Gallon 10pk
GBAG310   Sunleaves Grow Bag - 3 Gallon 10pk
GBAG510   Sunleaves Grow Bag - 5 Gallon 10pk
INDO11   Sunleaves Indonesian Bat Guano - 11lb
INDO22   Sunleaves Indonesian Bat Guano - 2.2lb
SECI125   Sunleaves Inline Outlet Extension Cord - 25' 120v
JAM11   Sunleaves Jamaican Bat Guano - 11lb
JAM22   Sunleaves Jamaican Bat Guano - 2.2lb
SPR190   Sunleaves Parazontal Reflector
PERU11   Sunleaves Peruvian Seabird Guano - 11lb
PERU22   Sunleaves Peruvian Seabird Guano - 2.2lb
STP800   Sunleaves Titanium Pruner
BAASR   Sunlight to Hydrofarm Adapter
600PSMH3K   SunPulse 600w Pulse Start MH Lamp
SMHB1101   Sunspot 1000W MH/HPS SL Ballast 120/240V
SMHB141   Sunspot 400W MH/HPS SL Ballast 120/240V
SUNSPOT6   Sunspot 6 Air-Cooled Reflector
SHB161   Sunspot 600W HPS SL Ballast 120/240V
SMHB1100   Sunspot MH/HPS Ballast, 1000W 120/240V
SSDT300   Super Starter Digital Heat Mat Thermostat
SINGLEHEATMAT   Super Starter Heat Mat 10" x 20.75"
SUPERTEA2   Super Tea Mix Dry - 2lb
BUDBLASTER100   Supernatural Bud Blaster - 100g
SUPERTHRIVE16   SUPERthrive - 16oz
SUPERTHRIVE4   SUPERthrive - 4oz
TDG732   Take Down Garden Spray RTU - 32 oz
ZIPPERBLK   Tarp Zipper - Black Lite Tite
1382   TDS Calibration Solution 1382 (for Hanna Combo pen)
RECIPEKIT   Technaflora Recipe for Success Starter Pack
749300   Terpinator - 1L
749305   Terpinator - 4L
THEENHANCER   The Enhancer Co2 Canister
THRIVEGREEN1L   Thrive Alive B1 Green - 1L

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