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GHPHDQT   General Hydroponics pH Down - Qt
GHPHUGAL   General Hydroponics pH Up - Gal
GHPHUQT   General Hydroponics pH Up - Qt
GHPHU15   General Hydroponics pH Up Dry - 1.5lbs
WATERFARM8   General Hydroponics WaterFarm 8 Bucket Controller Kit (Drip System)
WATERFARM   General Hydroponics WaterFarm Complete (Drip System)
GH5332   General Organics BioBud Qt
GBM450   General Organics BioMarine Gal
BIOMARINEQT   General Organics BioMarine Qt
GBR450   General Organics BioRoot Gal
BIOROOTQT   General Organics BioRoot Qt
BIOTHRIVEBLOOMQT   General Organics BioThrive Bloom Qt
BIOTHRIVEGROWQT   General Organics BioThrive Grow Qt
BIOWEEDQT   General Organics BioWeed Qt
CAMGQT   General Organics CaMg+ Qt
DBLACKQT   General Organics Diamond Black Qt
GERMSTAT   Germination Station with Heat Mat
GH401   GH 4.01 Calibration Solution - 8oz
GH1542   GH 4.01 Calibration Solution - Qt
GH70   GH 7.0 Calibration Solution - 8oz
GH1552   GH 7.0 Calibration Solution - Qt
GHDDAIR   GH Dual Diaphram Air Pump (Heavy Duty)
GHBUNDLE   GH Get Started Bundle
PHCONKIT   GH pH Control Kit
GOGNATS   goGnats - 16oz
GW400   Great White - 1oz
AC603   Green Air Atmospheric Controller
GRNSAUCER10   Green Premium Saucer - 10 in.
GRNSAUCER12   Green Premium Saucer - 12 in.
GRNSAUCER14   Green Premium Saucer - 14 in.
GRNSAUCER8   Green Premium Saucer - 8 in.
GS411   Greensand - 7.5lb
GRO1-1129   Gro1 LED Microscope 60x
GRO1-9310   Gro1 Weather Station (non-wireless)
GRO1-9312   Gro1 Wireless Weather Station
HI1285-6   GroChek Replacement Probe for HI9813-6N
CUBES23   Grodan Grow Cubes - 23 Gal
STARTER24   Grodan Rockwool 2"x2"x2" - 24pk
3325CUBE   Grodan Rockwool 3"x3"x2.5" Block
334CUBE   Grodan Rockwool 3"x3"x4" Block
4425CUBE   Grodan Rockwool 4"x4"x2.5" Block - Strip of 6
RW444CASE   Grodan Rockwool 4"x4"x4" - Case of 144
RW444   Grodan Rockwool 4"x4"x4" - Strip of 6
HUGOCASE   Grodan Rockwool 6"x6"x6" - Case of 48
HUGO   Grodan Rockwool 6"x6"x6" Hugo Block
MACRO55   Grodan Rockwool Macro Plugs 50pk
SLAB12   Grodan Rockwool Slab - 12"
SLAB6   Grodan Rockwool Slab - 6"
SLAB8   Grodan Rockwool Slab - 8"
STARTER98   Grodan Rockwool Starter Sheet of 98
STARTER45   Grodan Wrapped Starter Cubes - 45pk
PROSILICATE1   Grotek Pro-Silicate - 1L
PROSILICATE4   Grotek Pro-Silicate - 4L
PSI466   Grotek Pro-Silicate 10L
GGL105   GroXcess Green LED - 5W
GX244   GroXcess Grow Tent 4' x 4' x 7', GX44
GZ115   GroZone Cycle Timer 2
GCS505   Hanna 1500ppm Calibration Solution - 230mL
HANNACLEANING230   Hanna Electrode Cleaning Solution - 230mL
HI9813-6N   Hanna GroChek pH/EC/TDS/Temp - HI9813-6N
HANNAELECT   Hanna pH Replacement Electrode
HI98129   Hanna Waterproof Combo Meter - Black
HI98311   Hanna Waterproof EC / TDS Meter - Blue
FX14058   Happy Frog All-Purpose - 4lb
FX14060   Happy Frog Fruit and Flower - 4lb
MMGTH300   Harvest More Trim Bin
HET816   Harvester's Edge 16" Bowl Trimmer
CN10010   Heavy Duty Rope Ratchet 1/4 inch - Single
HGHDS   Heavy Duty Shears
NGHH432   Herculean Harvest - Qt
HESIBCOMPLEX1   Hesi Bloom Complex (Soil) 1L
HESIBOOST1   Hesi Boost 1L
HESICOCO1   Hesi Coco 1L
HESICOCO5   Hesi Coco 5L
HESIHBLOOM1   Hesi Hydro Bloom 1L
HESIHBLOOM5   Hesi Hydro Bloom 5L
HESIHG1   Hesi Hydro Growth 1L
HESIHG5   Hesi Hydro Growth 5L
HESIPHOSPLUS1   Hesi Phosphorus Plus 1L
HESIPHOSPLUS500   Hesi Phosphorus Plus 500mL
HESIPK1   Hesi PK 1L
HESIPK500   Hesi PK 500mL
HESIPZYME1   Hesi Powerclean 1L
HESIPZYME500   Hesi Powerclean 500mL
5024   Hesi PowerClean 5L
HESIROOT1   Hesi Root Formula 1L
HESIROOT500   Hesi Root Formula 500mL
HESIROOTS25   Hesi Roots Formula 2.5L
HESIKITCOCO   Hesi Starter Kit - Coco
HESIKITHYDRO   Hesi Starter Kit - Hydro
HESISUPERVIT10   Hesi Super Vit 10mL
HESITNT1   Hesi TNT Complex 1L
HESITNT500   Hesi TNT Complex 500mL
HUB4   HID HUB 4 Light Controller
HUB8   HID HUB 8 Light Controller
PRILLS4LB   High Purity Sulfur Prills 4lb
STD500   HM Digital Pocket-Size TDS Meter
TECS510   HM Digital TDS/EC Calibration Solution, 1000 ppm
HORMEX8   Hormex - 8oz
LU1000DEHTL   Hortilux 1000w DE (Double-Ended) HPS Lamp
HOTHOUSE   Hot House with Heat Mat
ALGENEX250   House and Garden Algen Extract - 250mL
AMINOT250   House and Garden Amino Treatment - 250mL
AQUAFLAKESAB1   House and Garden Aqua Flakes A/B Set - 1L
AQUAFLAKESAB5   House and Garden Aqua Flakes A/B Set - 5L
BUDXL1   House and Garden Bud XL - 1L
BUDXL5   House and Garden Bud XL - 5L
COCOSAB1   House and Garden Cocos A/B Set - 1L
COCOSAB5   House and Garden Cocos A/B Set - 5L
DRIPCLEAN1   House and Garden Drip Clean - 1L
DRIPCLEAN250   House and Garden Drip Clean - 250mL
MAGICGREEN250   House and Garden Magic Green - 250mL
MULTIZEN1   House and Garden Multi Zen - 1L
MULTIZEN5   House and Garden Multi Zen - 5L
ROOTSEXCEL250   House and Garden Roots Excelerator - 250mL
ROOTSEXCEL500   House and Garden Roots Excelerator - 500mL
SHOOTINGPOWDER325   House and Garden Shooting Powder - 500g (5pks)
SHOOTINGPOWDER65   House and Garden Shooting Powder - 65g
SOILAB1   House and Garden Soil A/B Set - 1L
SOILAB5   House and Garden Soil A/B Set - 5L
TOPBOOSTER1   House and Garden Top Booster - 1L
TOPBOOSTER5   House and Garden Top Booster - 5L
HUMBLOOMGAL   Humboldt Bloom - Gal
HUMBLOOMQT   Humboldt Bloom - Qt
HUMFULVICGAL   Humboldt Flavor Fulv - Gal
HUMFULVICQT   Humboldt Flavor Fulv - Qt
HG450   Humboldt Ginormous - Gal
GINOQT   Humboldt Ginormous - Qt
HUMGROWGAL   Humboldt Grow - Gal
HUMGROWQT   Humboldt Grow - Qt
HONEYHYDROGAL   Humboldt Honey Hydro - Gal
HONEYHYDROQT   Humboldt Honey Hydro - Qt
HONEYORGGAL   Humboldt Honey Organic - Gal
HONEYORGQT   Humboldt Honey Organic - Qt
HUMHUMICGAL   Humboldt Humic Acid - Gal
HUMHUMICQT   Humboldt Humic Acid - Qt
HUMMASTERABGAL   Humboldt Master A&B Set - Gal
HUMMASTERSETQT   Humboldt Master A&B Set - Qt
MAYANZYME8   Humboldt Mayan MicroZyme - 8oz
HUMMICROGAL   Humboldt Micro - Gal
HUMMICROQT   Humboldt Micro - Qt
MYCOMAD4   Humboldt Myco Madness - 4oz
MYCOMAX8   Humboldt Myco Maximum - 8oz
VERDE32   Humboldt Nutrients Verde - Qt
ONENESSQT   Humboldt Oneness - Qt
HUMORGBLOOMGAL   Humboldt Organic Bloom - Gal
HUMORGBLOOMQT   Humboldt Organic Bloom - Qt
HUMORGGROWGAL   Humboldt Organic Grow - Gal
HUMORGGROWQT   Humboldt Organic Grow - Qt
PROZYMEGAL   Humboldt ProZymE - Gal
PROZYMEQT   Humboldt ProZymE - Qt
HUMROOTS125   Humboldt Roots - 125mL
HYD579   Hydro-Logic Float Valve 1/4"
CS53500   Hydrofarm All-System Cordset
RFCOOL6   Hydrofarm Cool Tube 6 inch Reflector
BAASP   Hydrofarm to Sunlight Adapter
GGG200   HydroLogic GroGreen Garden Hose Water Filter
HYGROZYME10L   Hygrozyme Root Enzyme - 10L
HYGROZYMEL   Hygrozyme Root Enzyme - 1L
HYGROZYME4L   Hygrozyme Root Enzyme - 4L
HYG400   Hygrozyme Root Enzyme - 500mL
KILLSOAPCON16   Insect Killing Soap Concentrate - Pt
LR9RPM   Intelli Drive Light Rail 3.5 10 RPM w/ 6' Rail
IEBC1120   ION CMH Electronic 315w Ballast
IC190   ION CMH Reflector
IONBGAL   Ionic Bloom - Gal
IONBQT   Ionic Bloom - Qt
IONBOOSTGAL   Ionic Boost - Gal
IONBOOSTQT   Ionic Boost - Qt
IONGGAL   Ionic Grow - Gal
IONGQT   Ionic Grow - Qt
JIFFY25   Jiffy Peat Pellets 25pk
JS36PR   JumpStart Pellets
KLN8   K-L-N Rooting Concentrate - 8oz
KORD4   Kord Square Pot 4"
KORD55   Kord Square Pot 5.5"
FILTERBAGLRG   Large Filter Bag
LRAIL6ONLY   Light Rail - 6' Rail Only
WARRIOR   Light Warrior Agro-Ponic Growing Medium
APLL128   Liquid Ladybug RTU - 1 Gal
MOAB   Mad Farmer Mother of all Blooms - 100g
MAGICAL1L   MagiCal - 1L
MAGICAL4L   MagiCal 4L
MAGICBUTTER   Magical Butter Machine
MAXCAN8   MAX Can Fan 8" - 600CFM
maxicropseaweed   Maxicrop Liquid Seaweed 32oz
MAXICROPDRY   Maxicrop Seaweed Dry - 10.7oz
MAXPAR3153K   MAXPAR 315w CMH - 3100k
MAXPAR3154K   MAXPAR 315w CMH - 4200k
SHOTGLASS   Measuring Shot Glass
FLOWERPRUNERS   Micro-Tip Flower Pruners
MICROPORE55KIT   Micropore Bag 5 Gallon 5 Bag Kit
MB32OZ   Mighty Bomb 32oz
OG2010   Mighty Wash - Gallon
OG2000   Mighty Wash - Quart
MILLSBASIS1   Mills Basis A&B Set - 1L
MILLSBASIS5   Mills Basis A&B Set - 5L
MILLSC4   Mills C4 - 1L
MILLSC45   Mills C4 - 5L
STARTR1   Mills Start-R - 1L

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