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12ELBOW5PK   1/2" Barbed Elbows - 5pk
12TEE5PK   1/2" Barbed Tees - 5pk
12BARB   1/2" Double Barbed Connector
DRAINKIT12   1/2in Drain Fitting
TUBE14100   1/4" Black Vinyl Tubing - 100 Ft.
R312CT   1/4" Double Barbed Connector - 5pk
R307CT   1/4" Double Barbed Tee - 5pk
18DSTAKE   1/8" Line & Drip Stake
DUALARC   1000w Dual Arc SuperBlue HPS/MH Hortilux
1kEYE   1000w HPS Bulb EYE Hortilux
EYE1000MHBLUE   1000w MH Bulb EYE Hortilux BLUE
EYE1000MH   1000w MH Bulb EYE Hortilux U
2NETPOT   2" Net Pot
3NETPOT   3" Net Pot
RAIL3EXT   3' Extension Rail
NETCUP375   3.75" Net Pot
34DRAINFIT   3/4" Drain Fitting - 19mm
360EYE   360w MH to HPS Conversion Bulb EYE Hortilux
DUCT425   4" Metallic Vent Ducting - 25 Ft.
400EYE   400w HPS Bulb EYE Hortilux
400EYEBLUE   400w MH Bulb EYE Hortilux BLUE
400EYEMH   400w MH Bulb EYE Hortilux Hor
AZASPINOSAD   4oz Azamax + 16oz Monterey Garden Insect Spray (Combo)
55HDNETPOT   5.5" Heavy Duty Net Pot
DUCT625   6" Metallic Vent Ducting - 25 Ft.
NETLID6   6" Net Cup Bucket Lid
600EYE   600w HPS Bulb EYE Hortilux
HBMH160   600w MH EYE Hortilux BLUE
DUCT825   8" Metallic Vent Ducting - 25 Ft.
EYE940   940w MH to HPS Conversion Bulb EYE Hortilux
GGAFS1L   Absorbalight Foliar Spray 1L
ACTIVE180   Active Air Blower - 180CFM
ACTIVE265   Active Air Blower - 265CFM
ACTIVE465   Active Air Blower - 465CFM
ACTIVE60   Active Air Blower - 60CFM
ACTIVE95   Active Air Blower - 95CFM
GFO7KT   Active Aqua Grow Flow
HFSCOPE60X   Active Eye 60x-100x Illuminated Microscope
AELC   Active Eye Green LED Cap Light
AEHL   Active Eye Head Lamp
AEM30   Active Eye Loupe 30x
LR105   Add-A-Lamp Kit
ANCIENTE1   Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth - 1L
ANCIENTE4   Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth - 4L
ANB521L   Advanced Nutrients B-52 - 1L
B524L   Advanced Nutrients B-52 4L
BIGBUDPOWDER130   Advanced Nutrients Big Bud - 130g
BIGBUD500   Advanced Nutrients Big Bud - 500g
BIGBUDLIQ1L   Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid - 1L
BIGBUDLIQ4L   Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid - 4L
ANBLOOM1   Advanced Nutrients Bloom pH Perfect 1L
ANBLOOM4   Advanced Nutrients Bloom pH Perfect 4L
BLOOD300   Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood - 300g
BUDBLOOD40   Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood - 40g
BUDCANDY1L   Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy - 1L
BUDCANDY4L   Advanced Nutrients Bud Candy - 4L
BFX1   Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X - 1L
BFX4   Advanced Nutrients Bud Factor X - 4L
BUDIGNITOR1   Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor - 1L
CARBOLIQ1L   Advanced Nutrients Carbo Load Liquid - 1L
CARBOLIQ4L   Advanced Nutrients Carbo Load Liquid - 4L
CONNO1L   Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur A/B pH Perfect - 1L Set
CONNO4L   Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur A/B pH Perfect - 4L Set
FINALPHASE1L   Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish (Final Phase) - 1L
FULVIC1   Advanced Nutrients Fulvic F-1 - 1L
ANGROW1   Advanced Nutrients Grow pH Perfect 1L
ANGROW4   Advanced Nutrients Grow pH Perfect 4L
HAMMERHEAD   Advanced Nutrients HammerHead 1L
HUMIC1   Advanced Nutrients Humic Acid H-2 - 1L
JUMPSTART   Advanced Nutrients Jump Start - 1L
KUSHIE1L   Advanced Nutrients Kushie Kush 1L
MICRO1   Advanced Nutrients Micro pH Perfect 1L
MICRO4   Advanced Nutrients Micro pH Perfect 4L
MEARTHBLOOM1L   Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Tea Bloom - 1L
MEARTHGROW1L   Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Tea Grow - 1L
NIRVANA1   Advanced Nutrients Nirvana - 1L
NIRVANA4   Advanced Nutrients Nirvana - 4L
OVERDRIVE1L   Advanced Nutrients Overdrive - 1L
OVERDRIVE4L   Advanced Nutrients Overdrive 4L
ANDOWN1L   Advanced Nutrients pH Down - 1L
PIRANHA50   Advanced Nutrients Piranha - 50g
REVIVE1L   Advanced Nutrients Revive - 1L
RHINOSKIN1   Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin - 1L
RHINOSKIN4   Advanced Nutrients Rhino Skin - 4L
SENSIBLOOMAB1L   Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom (A&B) 1L Set
SENSIBLOOMAB4L   Advanced Nutrients Sensi Bloom (A&B) 4L Set
SENSIGROWAB1L   Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow (A&B) 1L Set
SENSIGROWAB4L   Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow (A&B) 4L Set
SENSIZYM1L   Advanced Nutrients Sensizym - 1L
SENSIZYM4L   Advanced Nutrients Sensizym - 4L
TARANTULA130   Advanced Nutrients Tarantula - 130g
TARANTULA50   Advanced Nutrients Tarantula - 50g
VOODOO1L   Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice - 1L
ALGAMIN5   Algamin Kelp Meal - 5lb
FOILTAPE120   Aluminum Foil Duct Tape - 150 Ft
WING   Aluminum Wing Reflector
ANUBIS600   Anubis Induction Light - 600w
ANUBIS800   Anubis Induction Light - 800w
BLOOMBOOST250   APTUS BloomBoost - 250mL
BLOOMBOOST500   APTUS BloomBoost - 500mL
ECOZEN250   APTUS Ecozen - 250mL
EZOZEN500   APTUS Ecozen - 500mL
FASILITOR250   APTUS FaSilitor - 250mL
FASILITOR500   APTUS FaSilitor - 500mL
FINALEBOOST250   APTUS FinaleBoost - 250mL
FINALEBOOST500   APTUS FinaleBoost - 500mL
MASSBOOST250   APTUS MassBoost - 250mL
MASSBOOST500   APTUS MassBoost - 500mL
PEAKBOOST250   APTUS PeakBoost - 250mL
PEAKBOOST500   APTUS PeakBoost - 500mL
STARTBOOST250   APTUS StartBoost - 250mL
STARTBOOST500   APTUS StartBoost - 500mL
ARS450   Armor Si - Gal
ARS432   Armor Si - Qt
BLOOMBASTIC1250   Atami BloomBastic - 1250mL
BLOOMBASTIC325   Atami BloomBastic - 325mL
BLOOMBASTIC80   Atami BloomBastic - 80mL
ROOTBASTIC250   Atami RootBastic - 250mL
ROOTBASTIC80   Atami RootBastic - 80mL
APCECOD   AutoPilot Digital Co2 Controller - Fuzzy Logic
AWESOME1L   Awesome Blossoms - 1L
AWEA55   Awesome Blossoms - 500mL
AZAC716   Azamax 16oz
GH2045   Azamax 4oz
AZAC701   Azamaz 1oz
GAZ413   Azomite Granular - 10lb
AZOS2OZ   Azos Nitrogen Fixing Microbes - 2oz
POWCORD   Ballast Power Cord - 120v or 240v
BCBLOOM1L   BC Bloom - 1L
BCBLOOM4L   BC Bloom - 4L
BCBOOST1L   BC Boost - 1L
BCBOOST4L   BC Boost - 4L
BCGROW1L   BC Grow - 1L
BCGROW4L   BC Grow - 4L
BILLSBLOOMQT   Bills Perfect Bloom Qt
BILLSGROWQT   Bills Perfect Grow Qt
ALGAMIC500   BioBizz Alg-A-Mic 500mL
BIOBLOOMQT   BioBizz Bio-Bloom - 1L
BIOBLOOMGAL   BioBizz Bio-Bloom - 5L
BIOGROWQT   BioBizz Bio-Grow - 1L
BIOGROWGAL   BioBizz Bio-Grow - 5L
BBBH409   BioBizz BioHeaven - 250mL
FISHMIX1L   BioBizz Fish-Mix - 1L
BBFM453   BioBizz Fish-Mix - 5L
ROOTJUICE250   BioBizz Root-Juice 250mL
TOPMAX500   BioBizz TopMax 500mL
BUCKET5   Black 5 Gallon Bucket with Handle
POLY100   Black and White Poly - 10Ft x 100Ft
BWPOLY10   Black and White Poly - 10ft x 10ft
BWPOLY25   Black and White Poly - 10ft x 25ft
BPF509   Bluelab 4.0 Calibration Solution - 250mL
BLUA31   Bluelab 7.0 Calibration Solution - 250mL
BLUELABCOMBO   Bluelab Combo Meter
GUARDIAN   Bluelab Guardian Monitor
KCI100   Bluelab KCI Storage Solution - 100mL
BPH500   Bluelab pH Pen
BPPM500   Bluelab PPM Pen
BPPC510   Bluelab Probe Care Kit - pH and Conductivity
BTM500   Bluelab Truncheon Meter - PPM/TDS, CF, EC
BAAC1   Blueprint Analog Atmosphere Controller
BCC601   Blueprint Analog Co2 Controller BCC-1
BCGN610   Blueprint Co2 Generator - 10 Burner (adjustable)
BCGL604   Blueprint Co2 Generator - 4 Burner
BCGL608   Blueprint Co2 Generator - 8 Burner
BCR1   Blueprint Co2 Regulator
BCDCC601   Blueprint Compact Digital Co2 Controller
BCT601   Blueprint Cycle Timer 120v - BCT-1
BTC601   Blueprint Day/Night Temperature Controller - BTC-1
BDAC1   Blueprint Digital Atmosphere Controller
BDAC602   Blueprint Digital Atmosphere/Co2 Controller w/ Fuzzy Logic, BDAC-2
BDCC1   Blueprint Digital CO2 Controller
BET601   Blueprint EZGro Timer 120v
BFSC601   Blueprint Fan Speed Controller
BHHD612   Blueprint HID Hub 12 Site - HUB-12HD
BHHD608   Blueprint HID Hub 8 - HUB-8HD
BOZ601   Blueprint Ozone Generator
BONSHEARS   Bonsia Shears
BCNSSWC5   Botanciare Sweet Citrus - 5 Gal
CMP410   Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus - Gal
CALMAGQT   Botanicare Cal-Mag Plus - Qt
CLEAREXGAL   Botanicare Clearex - Gal
CLEAREXQT   Botanicare Clearex - Qt
HYD450   Botanicare Hydroguard - Gal
HYD432   Botanicare Hydroguard - Qt
HYDROPLEXQT   Botanicare Hydroplex - Qt
KARMAGAL   Botanicare Liquid Karma - Gal
LK432   Botanicare Liquid Karma - Qt
PBLENDBGAL   Botanicare Pure Blend Bloom - Gal
PBLENDBQT   Botanicare Pure Blend Bloom - Qt
PBLENDGGAL   Botanicare Pure Blend Grow - Gal
PBLENDGQT   Botanicare Pure Blend Grow - Qt
PUREPROBGAL   Botanicare Pure Blend PRO Bloom - Gal
PUREPROBQT   Botanicare Pure Blend PRO Bloom - Qt
PUREPROGGAL   Botanicare Pure Blend PRO Grow - Gal
PUREPROGQT   Botanicare Pure Blend PRO Grow - Qt
PUREPROSOILGAL   Botanicare Pure Blend PRO Soil - Gal
PUREPROSOILQT   Botanicare Pure Blend PRO Soil - Qt
SILICABGAL   Botanicare Silica Blast - Gal
SILICABQT   Botanicare Silica Blast - Qt
SWEETGAL   Botanicare Sweet (Berry, Citrus, Grape, or Raw) - Gal

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