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Common Conversions

1 TSP = 5 ml
1 oz = 30 ml
1 Cup = 8 oz
1 Pint = 16 oz
1 Quart = 32 oz
1 Gal = 128 oz
1 Liter = 1000 ml

Light Wattage Calculation

Choosing the right size grow light is important to ensure vigorous growth and a plentiful yeild. We recommend getting a light resulting in 50 watts per square foot of your grow area. Insufficient light will result in low yeilds; the light not penetrating far enough into the canopy.

Enter the length of your grow room (Ft.)
The recommended wattage needed to effectively and efficiently grow in this size area is

- watts
This calculator is based on 50w per sq ft which is the necessary amount of light for optimal penetration during flowering.

Formula: (Length x Width) x 50

Enter the width of your grow room (Ft.)
Calculated Sq Ft. of your grow room.

Exhaust Fan CFM Calculation
Good air flow throughout your grow room is by far one of the most important aspects of indoor gardening. Plants need a constant supply of fresh air to achieve their maximum growing potential. Proper air exchange also helps to keep the temperature at optimal conditions to prevent any heat related stress on your plants. When choosing a fan remember that its better to have too much air circulation then not enough.
Also remember that if your going to be ducting your exhaust, with numerous bends, or running it through a carbon filter you'll need to increase your CFMs to makeup for those lost due to back pressure.
Enter the height of your grow room (Ft.)
CFM's needed to exchange air completely.

Every 5 minutes

Every 1 minute (optimal)
We recommend exchanging the air in your grow room every 1 to 5 minutes.

Enter the width of your grow room (Ft.)
Enter the length of your grow room (Ft.)
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Pro-Series Max Fan - 6" 420CFM
List Price: $231.10
Our Price: 160.00
Savings: $71.10
Can Fan 6" Inline Fan HO - 392CFM
List Price: $208.95
Our Price: 115.00
Savings: $93.95
Can Fan 8" Inline Fan HO - 722CFM
List Price: $261.95
Our Price: 160.00
Savings: $101.95
Can Fan 10" MAX - 1019CFM
List Price: $399.95
Our Price: 225.00
Savings: $174.95
Can Fan 6" MAX - 334CFM
List Price: $197.65
Our Price: 125.00
Savings: $72.65
Can Fan S Series 400
List Price: $122.22
Our Price: 75.00
Savings: $47.22
Can Fan S Series 600
List Price: $140.00
Our Price: 85.00
Savings: $55.00
Can Fan S Series 800
List Price: $155.55
Our Price: 95.00
Savings: $60.55
Can Fan 6in Thermostatically Controller Fan
List Price: $359.95
Our Price: 180.00
Savings: $179.95
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