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2" Net Pot
List Price: $0.35
Our Price: 0.25
Savings: $0.10

These Flex Net Pots are perfectly sized to start seedlings or propagate cuttings and will accommodate most types of media. Gardeners can insert these into their pre-fab or customized hydroponics system for premium performance.
3" Net Pot
List Price: $0.50
Our Price: 0.35
Savings: $0.15

3" Flex Net Pots are just the right size for starting seedlings and propagating cuttings. They can accommodate most types of media including 1" rockwool cubes, Oasis cubes, Super Starter plugs, Hydroton, peat pellets and more. These pots are a great way to start plants and bring smaller plants or herbs to maturity.
3.75" Net Pot
List Price: $0.65
Our Price: 0.40
Savings: $0.25

Net Cup 3.75"
Neoprene Insert 3"
Our Price: 1.00

These Neoprene Inserts fit three-inch net cups and have a slot to stabilize plant stems.

Neoprene Insert 3.75in
List Price: $1.41
Our Price: 1.25
Savings: $0.16

Botanicare carries a diverse selection of high quality professional plant containers and pots. They are available in mesh, mesh bottom, squares and rounds. Rootguards and neoprenes are available for all pots.

3.75" Neoprene
5.5" Heavy Duty Net Pot
List Price: $1.75
Our Price: 1.50
Savings: $0.25

• Super heavy duty, designed to be re-used
• Wider hole spacing for better root aeration
• Made with recycled plastic in Humboldt County
6" Net Cup Bucket Lid
List Price: $4.00
Our Price: 3.50
Savings: $0.50

This sturdy, six-inch Bucket Lid fits any standard five-gallon bucket.