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Customize a complete lighting system by selecting your desired wattage below. Once you've selected your desired wattage below you'll then be able to select your choice of ballast manufacturer, reflector, and bulb to create a complete lighting system.

If you have any questions regarding our complete lighting systems or if you are unable to build the combination you're looking for please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-877-476-9243 ; M-F 10-6pm EST.

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Anubis Induction Light - 600w
List Price: $1,195.00
Our Price: $1,150.00
Savings: $45.00
Anubis Induction Light - 800w
List Price: $1,495.00
Our Price: $1,400.00
Savings: $95.00
Complete 1000w HPS Grow Light Special
List Price: $342.00
Our Price: $275.00
Savings: $67.00
Nanolux 1000w DE Complete
Sale Price: $375.00
Savings: $135.00
Nanolux 315w CMH Fixture
Sale Price: $289.00
Savings: $70.95
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